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We’ll Grow Together

With no money upfront from you, we can partner together to build your website or app. Sometimes people come up with wonderful ideas, or just ways to sell their goods, but they don’t have the funds to start or run it. That’s where we come in. We can partner together. We’ll build the site, keep it running and optimized, help with marketing, etc… whatever we can do to help you succeed. In exchange, we simply ask for a commission on sales, not even a big commission. Just enough to cover costs and make a little. It is still your business, your idea – it’s still all you, we’re simply behind the scenes supporting you in every way we can.

Build powerful websites
We’ll take your idea, your input, and build out a powerful site for you.
You are in charge
This is all still your business, you run it as you see fit, we’ll provide input as we see it regarding everything we support.
1000% Support
Your site, your business, are royalty to us and we’ll do everything we can as your partner to help you succeed.
Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got some questions? We’ve got some answers.

Does this cost money?
It does not cost you a thing aside from your normal business operating costs. We’ll cover the building, managing, and hosting of your website/database and any other related cost.
What if I sell online?
No problem. We’ll set up a shopping cart, complete with payment processing, social media integration, and more. Our goal is to do our best to help you sell more.
What about marketing?
We can assist there too! We don’t cover marketing costs as far as purchasing actual ad buys, but we can set up online ad campaigns, target them, and manage them to ensure they are running well. But you, or your business, well cover the actual ad costs.
What about a mobile app?
Apps cost a bit more to develop, but yes, we can build these too. However, we would need to see a comprehensive plan on not just what the app will do, but how it will generate users and revenue.
Can I eventually leave the partnership?
Absolutely! If you get to a point where you simply want to take over the website, hosting, and all of that, no issues with us. We’ll have an “exit” plan in place ahead of time so there’s no confusion on what needs to be done so you can part ways.
Is there anything we can't partner on?
In terms of website building and management, no, assuming there is a clear business plan. If you want to build the next Facebook, no problem, but we do need to see a clear plan for how you’ll compete, make money, etc.

Summary features

Brief summary of what the partnership includes

Unlimited possibilities
You own business
Full partner support
Website design
Scalable hosting
Premium partner support
Ecommerce available
Regular reports
Digital marketing
Optional mobile app
Unlimited Possibilities

Get in touch, you have nothing to lose.

Simply shoot us a message about your idea or project, we’ll respond with some questions and or thoughts. If nothing comes of it, no issues, we’d be happy to point you in another direction if need be.

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